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BronxCare Health System and Force Therapeutics partner

BronxCare Health System and Force Therapeutics partner

Force Therapeutics and BronxCare health System Partner

The digital care management platform will provide orthopedic patients with virtual physical therapy and education

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Today Force Therapeutics announced that BronxCare Health System, the largest health and teaching hospital system serving the South and Central Bronx, will implement its digital care management platform. The Force Therapeutics platform provides virtual physical therapy, customized care paths, and remote education in both Spanish and English to help orthopedic patients meet their recovery goals. Patients can learn what they need to know—such as how to prepare for surgery or monitor postoperative swelling—from home, in the language they are most comfortable speaking.

Instead of a traditional course of outpatient physical therapy, which can require 10 or more in-person visits, orthopedic surgeons can prescribe virtual physical therapy through the Force Therapeutics platform, saving patients significant time and expense. Force’s adaptive physical therapy follows the health system’s orthopedic protocols, and uses patient input to adjust the intensity and timing of exercises.

The Force Therapeutics platform is also utilized to drive the collection of validated, patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs) via texts or emails featuring encrypted, no-password links. On average, Force clients collect 89% of preoperative PROMs and 88% of postoperative PROMs, enabling the high rates of matched outcomes that are necessary to fully assess a complete orthopedic care experience. All PROMs are automatically submitted to the American Joint Replacement Registry. 

About Force Therapeutics

Founded in 2010, Force Therapeutics is the leading patient engagement platform designed to help clinicians intelligently extend their reach. The Force platform leverages video and digital connections to directly engage patients at every step of the care journey – from the point of surgery scheduling to post-op recovery and beyond. Backed by millions of clinically validated patient data points and insights from more than 70 leading healthcare centers across the country, Force Therapeutics is proven to drive more effective recovery, lower costs, and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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