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Ubie Raises Series C Funding worth 3.5 billion Yen by Norinchukin Capital and Others

Ubie Raises Series C Funding worth 3.5 billion Yen by Norinchukin Capital and Others

  • Ubie raises a Series C funding of 3.5 billion yen ($27.4m) in a first close
  • Norinchukin Capital joined as new investor
  • NVenture Capital, Dai-ichi Life Insurance and Egg Forward also participated
  • The total amount raised by the company totals 7.98 billion yen ($61.8m)
Ubie Series C
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In their latest announcement, the Japanese Digital Health venture Ubie raises a Series C funding of 3.5 billion yen ($27.4m) in a first close. Norinchukin Capital joined as new investor. NVenture Capital (a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Capital Solution), Dai-ichi Life Insurance, Egg Forward, and others joined the round. The total amount raised by the company totals 7.98 billion yen ($61.8m).

About the Series C Funding

Ubie is one of few start-ups in the world with direct contact with consumers, patients and medical institutions. Ubie’s mission is to “guide people to appropriate medical care with technology”. The company uses Artificial Intelligence as core technology to provide three services focusing on interviews as entrance to medical care.

For consumers and patients, a symptom checker that allows you to search for detailed information on related diseases and diseases, medical information from nearby medical institutions, etc. “Ubie” is provided. About two years after its launch, it has grown into a service that is used by 5 million people a month. For medical institutions, we provide “Ubie AI Questionnaire” that supports the efficiency of work in the medical field by digitizing interviews at hospitals and clinics and dictionaries of disease names. Since its launch in 2018, it has been introduced to more than 1,000 medical institutions nationwide. In addition, the pre-web interview service “Ubielink”, which started in 2021 to link data between consumers and patients and medical institutions, has been registered by more than 15,000 medical institutions and contributes to smooth consultations and medical examinations.

In the future, we will strengthen not only the cooperation between consumers / patients and medical institutions, which we have been focusing on for some time, but also the cooperation with pharmaceutical companies. Early detection of diseases and early start of treatment have been regarded as important for many years toward the realization of a healthy and long-lived society, but many issues still remain. For example, important issues are that consumers and patients visit the right medical institution at the right time, that doctors keep track of and update a huge amount of the latest information on non-specialized diseases and rare diseases, and pharmaceuticals. For example, companies should continue to provide appropriate information and scientific knowledge about their diseases and medicines. All of these are largely due to the high level of expertise in medical information and information related to diseases and health, and there are high expectations for technology-based problem solving. Therefore, by connecting the three parties on our medical platform, we will provide information and scientific knowledge about diseases and medicines possessed by pharmaceutical companies to consumers / patients and medical institutions.
We aim to create an unprecedented medical experience by delivering it by means of a company and solving each problem.

Use of the Series C funding

The funds raised this time will be used to increase the number of personnel in the business for pharmaceutical companies. Since the establishment of the organization at the end of 2021, we have already had transactions with more than 20 major domestic and overseas pharmaceutical companies, and we will take this opportunity to further accelerate business development and growth. In addition, we will continue to introduce “Ubie AI Questionnaire” to medical institutions to support work style reforms and operational efficiency, which are urgent issues for medical institutions, and increase the number of personnel in the business for medical institutions responsible for success. In addition, we will allocate it to the system development of the service symptom search engine “Ubie” for consumers and the implementation of marketing measures aimed at further raising awareness.

To realize the mission of “guide people to appropriate medical care with technology,” we aim to create and disseminate unprecedented medical experiences through medical platforms in Japan and overseas.

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About Ubie

A health tech startup founded in May 2017 by doctors and engineers with the mission of “guide people to appropriate medical care with technology.” With AI as the core technology, we develop and provide “Ubie” that guides you from symptoms to appropriate medical care and “Ubie AI Questionnaire” that aims to improve work efficiency in the medical field. We are creating a society where everyone can access medical care that suits them. To learn more about Ubie:

About the symptom checker “Ubie”

“Ubie” is a web medical information service that supports consumers in getting proper medical care. You can search for related disease names and appropriate consultation destinations from the symptoms you care about anytime, anywhere, and support local medical institutions such as family doctors and appropriate consultation behaviour. As of June 2022, it is used by more than 5 million people a month.
* Ubie only provides medical information, not for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, etc. For Japanese: For English:

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