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UST Global’s Telehealth Platform, MyDoc, Partners With First Medicine Corporation for COVID-19 Fight

UST Global’s Telehealth Platform, MyDoc, Partners With First Medicine Corporation for COVID-19 Fight

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ALISO VIEJO, California, April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In response to widespread impacts from COVID-19 (Corona virus), MyDoc, a UST Global portfolio company, is partnering with First Medicine Corporation to provide free access to the telemedicine solution for the next 90 days in the United States. MyDoc will help conduct early triage and redirect patients to virtual care clinics for COVID-19 as well as non-COVID conditions as the ‘de facto’ to reduce the overall demand on the healthcare system.

MyDoc‘s fully integrated online-to-offline platform streamlines all aspects of primary healthcare into one easy-to-use solution connecting patients to doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic laboratories, clinical-grade health trackers, Fortune 500 and SME employers, and insurers. First Medicine Corporation is an online healthcare teleconsultation service designed to support people as they deal with the questions and challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic among other health concerns.  Its founders represent early leaders in the field of telemedicine and were responsible for the growth of NightHawk Radiology, one of the first major telemedicine IPOs in the healthcare industry.

“In light of these unprecedented times and the immediate need for telehealth services, our primary goal is to provide greater access to care,” said Dr. Vas Metupalle, Co-Founder and CIO, MyDoc, “Consumer behavior to accessing care is turning to an online-first approach, and doctors are getting comfortable with their skills of assessment of clinical conditions remotely. Our partnership with First Medicine will proactively reduce strain on the healthcare system by redirecting significant workload to telemedicine channels.”

MyDoc enables providers to collaborate and provide complementary services to a community of users. Built-in clinical workflows with the ability to manage e-prescriptions and lab integrations to a patient health record allow MyDoc to provide a solution that providers can use in their practice for not only the immediate needs related to COVID-19, but well beyond. UST Global’s Human-Centric Design, AI and Cloud capabilities power the MyDoc platform to further expand its product offerings rapidly.

“A key objective of our service is to immediately help reduce the overcrowding of U.S. hospitals due to the expanding number of COVID-19 patients appearing in the Emergency Room and requiring hospital bed recovery space through the use of home-based teleconsultations,” said Dr. Naiyer Imam, Chief Executive Officer, First Medicine, “This collaboration will help those facing the challenges of this unprecedented disease as well as provide a powerful demonstration of our FM virtual clinic, which has been developed to manage a variety of chronic disease and primary care needs of society  We are excited by the growing alliance with MyDoc and the value it brings to our virtual medical practice.”

For over 20 years, UST Global has worked with Fortune 500 healthcare clients across the globe, delivering challenging best-in-class capabilities including digital health, operational transformation, consumer-centric innovations and assisting providers and payers to improve the access and quality of care and reduce the cost of care.

Contineo Health, an UST Global subsidiary, is a healthcare technology partner to over 40 large Provider Health Systems enabling them to accelerate patient centric digital transformation and transition to value-based care. Contineo will help MyDoc optimize patient engagement, scheduling and billing workflows while integrating MyDoc with leading EMRs including Epic, Practice Fusion, and Allscripts.

“At UST Global, we are committed to building the latest and best innovations for the healthcare sector. We are facing an unprecedented global health crisis due to COVID-19, and we are leveraging MyDoc telemedicine solution to not just reduce the number of close-up interactions at hospitals but help conduct early and faster triages of patients,” said Krishna Sudheendra, Chief Executive Officer, UST Global, “We recognize this is an extremely difficult time for everyone. As a socially conscious company, we are determined to help in the fight together against this global pandemic.”

About UST Global

UST Global is a technology partner dedicated to transforming businesses, communities, and the people who live within them. Operating in 25 countries, we deliver future-ready digital transformation strategy services, products, and platforms that create new possibilities and help you imagine what’s next in banking and finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, semiconductor, technology and media. But what matters most is the deep partnership we forge with you to solve the unique challenges you face today, while preparing you for tomorrow. That’s us together. That’s UST Global. Visit us at

About First Medicine Corporation

The First Medicine Corporation (FMC) is a technology-driven healthcare practice that incorporates telemedicine, the use of advanced decision support solutions (including AI), innovations in home-based monitoring and more as a redefinition of the traditional medical practice.  Founded by pioneers in the medical and technology industries, the FMC virtual medical practice has been used to support more than 1 million patient encounters and is the result of more than a decade’s worth of research and development by the founders. The company maintains operational centers in Asia, the Middle East and the United States.

The Global Clinical Providers (or GCP) health network, a not-for-profit health service company,  was founded by FMC with  support from leading members of the medical community to bring online expert medical assistance to anyone facing the increasing physical and mental health challenges of Covid 19 – and more broadly to establish a global network of compassionate health providers that use technology to help those in need in any country and suffering from any severe health condition. Visit us at and

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