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Interview with Scott Montgomery from WellTeQ

Interview with Scott Montgomery from WellTeQ

Today, we speak to Scott Montgomery from WellTeQ, on work, leisure, and inspiration.

Scott is the founding CEO of WellteQ, a company that offers a series of employee HealthTech programs for engagement and HR data analytics, designed to increase workplace wellness and maximise employee engagement.

Galen Growth Asia: Hello Scott, thank you for joining us. Can you tell us about your story?

Scott: I am a New Zealand born and educated person who’s been reading, thinking and acting sport/health science since I could walk. I got involved in the business because one-to-one consults could only help 50 people per week. I then left life as a practitioner to co-build and eventually sell one of ANZ’s largest workplace wellness companies. My current mission is to bring preventative health support to 100million employees. Outside of work, I am a doe-eyed father of 3yr old twins and a 1 year old. I love anything from, on or close to the ocean and find it hard to say no to any physical challenge!

Thanks for sharing the great insights into your life. Having been in this industry for over 15 years, what excites you most about this ecosystem?

Two things: the rate of capability development and the rate of adoption. Who would have thought general population would be analysing sleep and activity levels as idle chit chat!

Being based in Singapore, but originally from New Zealand, what is your connection to Asia?

Initially, my mother worked at Tan Tock Seng before I was born, and I have holidayed here as a family for decades. Professionally, I was seeking tech-talent and proximity to growth markets, so Singapore was a natural fit to build WellTeQ.

What is your favourite place in Asia for business?

For business building, it is Singapore for certain.

And for a CEO and father of three toddlers, where in Asia do you love to relax and enjoy?

For relaxation, it’s anywhere with a beach! Vietnam is my favourite so far, but I will be in Sri Lanka for Christmas. I hear it is an amazing place!

Well, it is great to hear how you enjoy this part of the world. I am sure aspiring innovators would want to hear this from you: what is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Whatever you do, make sure you can hold your head high in any room anywhere, any time. 

Wise words! Who inspires you the most, then?

Anyone with genuine life satisfaction. Highly successful business leaders, passionate practitioners of any trade, elite athletes. really anyone who has set a goal, worked at it, achieved and is content with achieving it is incredibly inspiring. Of course, I’m also a rugby tragic, so Richie McCaw is immortal. 

WellteQ is bringing simplicity and accessibility to enterprise HealthTech.

Is there anything you have learnt recently that just blew you away?

Many cells in the gut have exactly the same genetic makeup as your brains’ grey matter. I am fascinated by the science coming out finding similarities between the gut and the brain.

That is indeed incredible! On to the next question: if you had the chance to start all over again, what would you do differently?

I feel incredibly fortunate to say I’d change very little of any of life’s major decisions. I’m very lucky with my health, friends, family and profession. Maybe I’d try to master the art of delegation better, and earlier. That would save me a few late nights and grey hairs.

And how do you unwind?

It’s a bit cliché but I find total decompression playing with my kids; sub 3-year-old minds (3 of them) gives total perspective on what really matters. It’s not always unwinding, but it’s what I prefer to do most of the time if I’m not thinking about WellteQ. If I’m not thinking as a founder or father, I love the summer – sun, sand, beach and entertainment.

What about reading a book? Do you have any books you would recommend for anyone in business?

The hard thing about hard things – Ben Horowitz.

Okay, let us give a shout-out to your company. Give a shameless plug for your business!

WellteQ is bringing simplicity and accessibility to enterprise HealthTech. We incentivise health improvement for employees from our app using wellness gamification, wearable tech and data analytics. We’re focused on APAC, but we service clients globally, for sleep, activity, stress or any other human factor improvements to achieve business ROI. Say hi at!

What do you want to achieve at the GGA 2018 HealthTech Summit?

Connecting with other founders and seeing trends in other tranches of digital health. 

It was great chatting with you, Scott. For our readers out there, how can they contact you?

LinkedIn is best, or just drop me an email at

Thank you for your insights!

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