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Interview with Ernani Omar Cruz from Stash PH

Interview with Ernani Omar Cruz from Stash PH

Today, we speak to Ernani Omar Cruz from Stash PH, on work, leisure, and inspiration.

Omar is the founding CEO and Chief Innovator of Stash PH, a company that works with different healthcare stakeholders such as doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies to provide better collaboration and seamless coordination through technology

Galen Growth Asia: Hello Omar, thank you for joining us. Can you tell us about your story?

Omar: My background is in Software Technology. I got enamored with how things work with computers – especially with games. It was what made me go and take Computer Science as my Undergrad and pursued my Masters in Information Technology. I got into this healthcare space primarily because of two reasons: (1) As a patient, I got so fed up with waiting in lines during visits to my doctors. It’s just so slow and inefficient. And, (2) because of my wife. She was taking up medicine at the time, and I wanted to get more involved in her world.

That is a great reason to enter the industry! Well then, what would you say excites you the most about the ecosystem?

What excites me about what I do is the thought of making an impact to a lot of people in the way they get access to healthcare. And, It’s never a fad. Healthcare will be here to stay. 

Born and raised in Asia, you must have your favourites. What would be your favourite place to do business in Asia and why?

Hands down Singapore for business!

No hesitation! How about your favourite place to relax and chill?

For relaxation, it’s hard to answer. I used to do backpacking when I was younger so, it makes me relax to experience different cultures, dishes, and places.

What would you say is the best advice you have ever received?

Money is not everything. From dust we came and to dust we return. 

That is deeply insightful. Who then, inspires you the most?

My wife, Rossan and daughter, Keziah.

That is really sweet. Is there anything that you have learnt recently that blew you away?

Reformed Theology.

As a family man and successful CEO, what would you do differently if you had to start all over again?

I would not waste time on worthless pursuits and expenses.

And how would you unwind after a day of work?

I recharge by having my me-time and pray.

Best book to read for those in business?

The Holy Bible

Okay, let us give your company a shout-out. Do you have a shameless plug for Stash PH?

Stash PH is the best claims management platform that lets healthcare companies shorten payment times, streamline operations, and prevent fraud.

What do you want to achieve at the GGA 2018 HealthTech Summit?

I want to meet more people who are world changers who desires to make a positive difference today and tomorrow. I want to learn from them and exchange notes as well.

It was a pleasure to chat with you, Omar. For our readers out there, how can they connect with you?

I’m usually a very transparent guy. I don’t like pretensions. You can drop me a note at!

That wraps up the second interview in our series. Thank you for your insights, Omar!

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