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Holmusk and Global Gene Corp Partner To Advance Genomics R&D in Behavioral Health and Chronic Disease

Holmusk and Global Gene Corp Partner To Advance Genomics R&D in Behavioral Health and Chronic Disease

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Singapore (January 18, 2021) – Holmusk , a leading global data science and digital therapeutics company, and Global Gene Corp, the pioneering genomics data platform and therapeutics applications company, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to accelerate genomics driven R&D in behavioral health and chronic disease. This new partnership reinforces Global Gene Corp’s focus on personalized healthcare through novel therapeutics discovery and will allow Holmusk to further deepen its expertise in behavioral health.

The collaboration will focus on generating insights from the application of genomics, data science and state-of-the-art technology to advance precision medicine and thoroughly analyze fundamental challenges in mental health disorders and chronic diseases. The combination of Holmusk’s deep experience with Real-World Data, advanced analytics, and digital therapeutics, and Global Gene Corp’s leading capabilities in genomics research and AI/ML has the potential to uncover novel insights and develop precision solutions for people suffering from mental health disorders and chronic diseases.

Holmusk maintains one of the largest and deepest behavioral health longitudinal Real-World Data libraries, comprising over 50 million rows and over 20 years’ of data. Through its flagship product NeuroBlu, Holmusk democratizes access to this research-grade, real-world dataset enabling new dimensions of exploration and insight generation for the life sciences industry, academia and regulators alike. Global Gene Corp has cultivated the most diverse and novel proprietary genomics cohorts with deep expertise in patient phenotype, diseases and populations. Together the two international companies aim to accelerate research efforts in behavioral health and chronic disease and develop exciting new solutions. 

“Global Gene Corp is the ideal collaborator for this kind of forward-thinking collaboration, whereby both companies can utilize their respective strengths to improve patient care”, says Nawal Roy, CEO Holmusk.

“This new strategic partnership with Holmusk will allow us to further harness the power of genomics and AI/ML to deliver patients more personalized therapeutics driven by genomics research faster”, says Sumit Jamuar, CEO Global Gene Corp.

The genomics and AI/ML research collaboration has the potential to expand the scope of Real-World Evidence in behavioral health and chronic disease to incorporate genomic insights at scale. In recent years there has been an uptick in the generation and utility of Real-World Evidence, based on raw data from insurance claims, electronic health records and patient-reported outcomes to explore how novel therapies perform in the real world on safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness. Holmusk’s NeuroBlu enables novel and powerful RWE studies, and with its suite of easy-to-use analytics tools reduces hypothesis to manuscript drafting time from months to hours.

About Holmusk

Holmusk is on a mission to transform the lives of people with behavioral health and chronic diseases through evidence driven medicine. Headquartered in Singapore with a global footprint, Holmusk develops digital solutions to advance health innovation, research, and care, and is building the world’s largest real-world evidence platform for behavioral health and chronic diseases. In 2020, Holmusk raised US$21.5 million during their series A fundraising led by Optum Ventures and Health Catalyst Capital.

Holmusk’s analytics platform synthesizes Real-World Data (RWD) with proprietary disease progression models to create actionable insights for behavioral health research, innovation, and care delivery. Holmusk’s Real-World Evidence Platform is powered by one of the largest longitudinal de-identified behavioral health databases, with data from more than 550,000+ patients collected over 20+ years and 20+ million visits.  Holmusk is continuously enhancing its database by partnering with health systems globally. In addition, Holmusk builds digital health solutions that enhance patient engagement, support disease self-management, and capture patient-reported outcomes to guide clinical decisions and analytics.


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About Global Gene Corp

Global Gene Corp is a pioneering genomics data and insights platform, mapping and organizing the world’s genomic diversity to deliver personalized health and longevity benefits for everyone, everywhere.  Global Gene Corp has built one of the most diverse genomic dataset for human populations and diseases, a critical missing piece today in the mission to drive novel therapeutics and realize the promise of genomics, augmented by cutting edge digital health and therapeutics development platform, to deliver the healthcare of the future.  With R&D based in the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge UK, the company has teams in Boston, Singapore and India and over 50 leading healthcare and industry collaborators.  In 2020, Global Gene Corp was awarded the $1 Million Roddenberry Prize in Science.


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Industry Note: DNA impacts all aspects of our health and genomic insights are driving the next generation of therapeutics and healthcare solutions. Mirroring the Internet revolution, the Genomic revolution is similarly transforming society, capturing the convergence of advances in gene sequencing, artificial intelligence, digitization, and computing power, to revolutionize traditional healthcare, for example by accelerating drug discovery and development.   Current genomic data and insights are biased as nearly 80% of all existing genomic data come from people of European ancestry, and  Asian, African & Latin American populations are under-represented. (source: Roddenberry)

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