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Meet the CEO: An Interview with HealthTech Startup MediHub’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dinh Nguyen

Meet the CEO: An Interview with HealthTech Startup MediHub’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dinh Nguyen

  • The sole purpose of the creation of MediHub, a HealthTech startup based in Vietnam.
  • MediHub’s comprehensive solution to target various healthcare professionals
  • Amazing partnerships that were fast-forwarded amidst COVID-19
Dinh Nguyen, the CEO and Co-Founder of MediHub, a HealthTech startup from Vietnam.
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A visionary leader inspired by his family of medical professionals, Dinh is committed to spending his life improving the welfare and health of humanity. Dedicated to serving the community through the digitisation of healthcare systems, his desire to transform patient journeys has paved the way for his triumph.

Growing up, Dinh was always in an environment where empathy, commitment and hard work were honoured. As a young and driven individual, Dinh recalls his wandering footsteps in a hospital as he spent his early years witnessing his parents carry out their duties with utmost diligence.

Memories of patient engagement and hospital management left an imprint on Dinh. Fast-forwarding many years into the future, channelling the various inefficiencies he witnessed resulted in the creation of MediHub, an effective product that prioritizes ethics and effectiveness.

MediHub is a HealthTech startup providing a one-stop solution for both their customers and clients. Till date, MediHub has launched comprehensive products to help the digital health ecosystem thrive which includes a B2B2C E-Commerce platform and a social network connecting medical professionals. With the sole interest of the healthcare industry in mind, their solutions include: Medihub Channel, Pharmacom, MD (Medical Doctor) Com, BTL (Below the Line) Service, DCS (Digital Communication Solution and HayKhoe (B2B2C E-Commerce).

About His Early Life

With Dinh’s father serving as a doctor, coupled with his mother being a nurse, this resilient couple worked tirelessly day and night to treat patients. After many years of observation, it dawned on Dinh that understanding the biology of the human body wasn’t his cup of tea and opted for a different route from his parents.

As an enlightened individual at the mere age of 18, he set his mind to pursue a degree in marketing. Determined to be a businessman in the healthcare realm, he began his journey as a Channel Marketing Head in a pharmaceutical company. Since then, he has garnered a good 18 years of experience in marketing, sales and commercialisation.

Having an insider’s perspective on hospitals and pharmaceutical companies spurred him to create an impact on healthcare. Given Dinh’s position in a company, driving a large movement of solving pain points may not be feasible. Becoming a businessman focusing on hospital management soon became inevitable for he strives for top-notch patient experience the moment one steps foot in the hospital.

An Inside Look into Dinh’s Personal Life

After years of networking with exceptional individuals in the industry, the 2 people that never fail to inspire him every day are his parents. During Dinh’s growing years, he often saw his father wearing different hats in a day. A Director in the Department of Health by day and a Family Doctor at night, the constant provision of care to the community is truly admirable.

Being part of the leadership team of the Ministry of Health in Vietnam, Dinh’s father has displayed integrity, genuineness and great ethics. One advice etched in his mind comes from his father, who is MediHub’s advisor, whereby transparency in healthcare is of high importance. Strategies aside, Dinh learnt that good ethics are vital as well.

Despite retiring, Dinh’s parents continue working in their local family clinic for 39 years and counting. With his parents in mind, Dinh finds purpose in what he does and strategically plans his years ahead. From an annual plan to a five-year plan, every goal set has pure intentions for the betterment of healthcare.

The nature of MediHub’s success results in the expansion of the company. With growth comes managerial challenges by which Dinh readily overcomes through applying his lessons learnt from Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. As leadership is about the people, for the people, Dinh promotes a transparent culture which in return results in proactive company involvement.

Journey of MediHub

The path of MediHub unfolded back in 2015 when Dinh embarked on his journey to build MediChannel, a healthcare information media channel which provides quality and essential information on medical care and wellness for the community.

With his deep understanding of the inefficiencies of hospital management, Dinh channelled his knowledge during the creation of MediChannel, a comprehensive solution comprising:, M-Wifi and MediTV.

To tackle the issue of patients having low health literacy at the risk of misinterpreting their well-being, steps in by being the go-to resource for reliable health education and trusted medical advice from healthcare professionals using their social network.

Given MediHub’s high reputation, MediTV has landed itself over 800 spots in Vietnam’s most prestigious hospitals, garnering a whopping 3.5 million views per month. As patients wait in line for consultations, MediTV plays educational videos to raise health literacy amongst the general public. Complemented with their high-speed M-Wifi, patients enjoy complimentary networks at 15 hospitals nationwide, providing access to a diversity of healthcare articles as they surf the internet.

On top of patient education, hospitals reached out requesting for the continuity of their physicians’ education. With Dinh’s desire to innovate and solve greater pain-points, his team of specialists created 2 mobile apps, MDCom for medical professionals and PharmaCom for pharmacists. As new medical information supplants old, lifelong learning helps physicians and pharmacists stay relevant in their rapidly evolving industry.

This online community of healthcare workers enables cross learnings between individuals and MediHub prides itself for being the first startup in Vietnam to help improve the quality of treatments by enhancing the knowledge of professionals.

In collaboration with reputable medical universities and associations, the completion of online curriculums comes with credible certification. Coupled with the latest medical research and publication of e-books, both MDCom and PharmaCom witnessed tremendous growth of the community.  Presently, PharmaCom has over 13,000 members registered from 7000 different pharmacies across Vietnam, indicating the relevance of this community presently and in the future.

Thoughts on the COVID-19 Pandemic

MediHub is no stranger to the changes Vietnam has experienced since the start of COVID-19. Behavioural changes were noted as patients shift from traditional to digital means of receiving care.

The four walls of hospitals observe stillness as the vast majority are hesitant to seek treatments during unprecedented times, affecting the income of various healthcare professionals. Given that hospitals are generally backdated, the prevalence of digital transformation skyrocketed to suit consumer behaviours.

Feelings of validation were felt by MediHub, for this pandemic has proven their relevance in today’s society. MediHub’s efforts brought their vision to fruition and their ability to create traction enables multinational corporations and healthcare providers to trust their credibility.

This unparalleled success is accredited to the close-knitted team of MediHub as their persistent communication despite working remotely via Microsoft Team or Skype has allowed them to cope with the intensifying workload from clients.

Developments & Partnerships During Unprecedented Times

Large multinational companies such as Pfizer, Sanofi and Novartis have been reaching out to MediHub to further engage with pharmacies across the country. Additionally, partnerships with MediHub focusing on e-learning platforms is a first for these MNCs, reflecting that online education is truly the way forward for better quality treatments.

As healthcare providers connect on MediHub’s respective platforms, official meetings initiated are often online as travelling is not permitted. Connecting online has seen many benefits and reverting back to traditional means would be inefficient. Another interesting partnership is one with Microsoft Team, where a platform is specifically designed for hospitals and clients to conduct official discussions.

On top of MediHub’s flourishing B2B2C ecosystem, they will be launching a B2C health store and serving as a B2C distributor to pharmacists and clinics.

Dinh on the Importance of Collaboration

Vietnam’s large population poses great challenges to healthcare systems. Achieving quality healthcare for citizens resulted in the significant growth of healthcare over the years, as indicated by the doubling yearly expenditure.

HealthTech has garnered tons of support from Vietnam’s government particularly during COVID-19. With many seeking to digitally transform healthcare, the need for collaboration has grown increasingly prominent.

As a 2020 Galen Growth HealthTech Cohort member, Dinh commented, “This is a great product of Galen Growth. Instead of competing, collaborating with HealthTech players will always be my first priority as cross learnings between startups are shared. Galen Growth has given me the opportunity to connect with startups from other countries thus expanding my connections. I am proud to represent Vietnam as a HealthTech startup.”

About the Galen Growth HealthTech Cohort

MediHub is part of the Galen Growth HealthTech Cohort, the only acceleration programme built to scale digital health startups to be the next generation powering healthcare innovation in the New Normal in Asia. In 2020, Galen Growth is working with 25 HealthTech startups which will benefit from Galen Growth’s long-established and unmatched curated community of investors, corporate leaders and innovation teams and other essential stakeholders through our proven multi-channel tools. For more information, visit Galen Growth’s HealthTech Cohort webpage or read this article on the launch of the Galen Growth HealthTech Cohort.

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