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Galen Growth and Novartis Biome Partner To Launch The Records, a Series of Hybrid Events To Discuss the Future of Healthcare

Galen Growth and Novartis Biome Partner To Launch The Records, a Series of Hybrid Events To Discuss the Future of Healthcare

SINGAPORE, 6 MAY 2021 – Galen Growth, the leading HealthTech analytics and data company, is excited to announce its partnership with Novarits Biome, Singapore, to create The Records(*). The Records is a monthly series of brown-bag sessions planned for the Biome lab space, making it a melting pot for digital health innovation.

Biome Singapore is Novartis’ first innovation hub for the APAC-MEA region dedicated to driving and managing partnerships with digital health startups, innovators and thought leaders in healthcare transformation. The Records events mark Novartis’ latest outreach to the HealthTech ecosystem, following the launch of its Digital Health Innovation Forum in February.

Empowered by Galen Growth’s digital health reports, several topics will be featured in the monthly events followed by live panels. Key personalities from the startup world, to Novartis decision-makers to Governmental and Academia stakeholders will gather to discuss the future of healthcare.

“Fostering a collaborative community in the HealthTech ecosystem has always been in Galen Growth’s DNA. We believe that bringing different perspectives to the table help trigger new ideas. Indeed, the main objective of The Records is to ultimately inspire! Biome shares our same vision, and with our digital health expertise and Novartis’ commitment to patient outcome improvement, The Records series came as a natural idea,” said Helene Champoux, COO of Galen Growth.

“Launching an innovation hub is the first step to making a difference in the ecosystem. To be part of the conversation is a privilege. Now we look to spearhead discussions that empower healthcare innovators, regardless of their background, maturity stage or therapeutic focus. The more we engage with digital health stakeholders, the closer we are to reimagining medicine for our patients,” said Christian Teo, Head of Biome, Singapore.

Each “Records” event will focus on specific topics from Galen Growth’s monthly digital health reports. Themes include, among others, Telemedicine, Oncology, Mental Health and Pharma Innovation Index.

“The digital health reports will give us the foundation for our conversations as we look at trends in the ecosystem. Furthermore, it will give everyone present a similar level of understanding and insights to aid our conversations,” said Helene.

“On top of being able to create this space for great innovative minds to come together, we are also further establishing Singapore as a nexus of digital health innovation and transformation”, echoed Christian.

“We are excited to finally bring this ambition and idea to life, and we are hopeful for the future of digital health innovation,” concluded Helene.

The Records will be opened to the public and those interested will have the chance to be part of an in-person audience at Biome’s lab space (subject to local COVID-19 directives and advisories). A ‘first-come-first-served’ approach will be adopted to comply with safe distancing measures. Interested persons can stay notified of the events here.

(*) The Records was intended to have a live audience and panel at Biome lap space. However, given the latest COVID-19 rules in Singapore, the hybrid format will be postponed until further notice from Authorities. 

About The Records

There is no change without knowledge!

With this in mind, Galen Growth and Novartis Biome created The Records, a series of events to bring digital health topics to everyone. Health is a universal concern and as such, any development and innovative solutions around its delivery, progress and economics, should be made available to the end-user: the patient. This is how we envisioned The Records. We have built a collection of research on digital health which will come to life by opening its insights to the wider ecosystem. The outcomes we aim to achieve are: better understanding of the digital health categories, envisioning the new patient journey, connecting the dots between traditional healthcare and digital health, reimagining the evolving role of the physician and ultimately, displaying the benefits and challenges of adoption.

About Galen Growth

Galen Growth is the global leader in digital health intelligence, analytics and matchmaking, empowering global Fortune 500 companies and institutional investors to fast track their growth strategies.

Contacts for Media

Helene Champoux
COO, Galen Growth

Christian Teo
Head of Biome Singapore, Novartis

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