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Galen Growth Announces Global Digital Health Ecosystems Coverage

Galen Growth Announces Global Digital Health Ecosystems Coverage

With its unmatched Asian, USA, Middle East and European ecosystems coverage, Galen Growth becomes the only digital health intelligence platform capable of serving the worldwide ambitions of multi-nationals and institutional investors.

SINGAPORE, 9th June 2020 – Galen Growth, the global leader in digital health intelligence, analytics and matchmaking, announces today the launch of its unmatched, unequalled and indispensable global coverage of digital health startups and scaleups. Available to all current and future subscribers, HealthTech Alpha is the on-demand platform, with rigorously curated data, unique insights and state-of-the-art workflow.

Whilst the COVID pandemic has acted as a true catalyst of the acceleration of the adoption of digital health solutions, Galen Growth had already witnessed tremendous growth in the sector across Asia Pacific, which over the past five years has recorded a 56% (CAGR) growth in the number of partnerships. Responding to the surge in demand from its global corporate clients and institutional investors, Julien de Salaberry, CEO and Founder of Galen Growth, said “We can now offer an unparalleled experience to our partners globally. By leveraging the power of HealthTech Alpha’s 6,300+ digital health startups and over seventy million data points, industry leaders and investors now have, at their fingertips, the ability to navigate the thriving and dynamic global digital health ecosystems enabling them to compare venture from different markets to identify those best-suited to accelerate the deployment of their strategies.”

Driving effective innovation requires organisations to be data-driven, although many of the platforms, they currently use, fail to enrich and improve their efforts. “We see too often, organisations choosing data providers which can’t meaningfully integrate HealthTech data analytics and insights into what they are looking at doing,” Julien de Salaberry adds, “HealthTech Alpha is the state-of-the-art global digital health intelligence platform built and curated by experts. There is no other platform on the market that offers this level of granularity, accuracy and workflow.”

The launch of the global coverage of digital health startups will also add an unequalled competitive edge to the acceleration solutions portfolio of Galen Growth. Powered by dedicated global digital health specialists, the companyoffers HealthTech Acceleration Programmes, where Fortune 500 companies can select options to power their digital health innovation initiatives to create a transformational culture and spot cutting edge solutions. Highly differentiated from conventional accelerators which offer events mixed in with vaguely suited startups, Galen Growth uses rigorous methodologies, enabled by HealthTech experts and supported by unique market intel and analytics.  A proven approach to creating real innovation combining online and offline.

“Digital health innovation is an external game! It is crucial to have the right data and insights to pinpoint the best fit startups to partner with and therefore, significantly improve the success rate of innovation initiatives.” Julien de Salaberry adds “Offering our global digital health ecosystems reach to our clients is an important milestone for Galen Growth. There has never been a better time for companies to recalibrate or reboot their global strategy as they can now easily scout and select across all ecosystems to partner with the best startup or scaleup, which will future proof them for the new normal.”

To request for a demo of  HealthTech Alpha or learn about Galen Growths HealthTech Acceleration programmes, contact us at

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