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Galen Growth Announces Its 2021 HealthTech Cohort With 25 New HealthTech Ventures Across the Globe

Galen Growth Announces Its 2021 HealthTech Cohort With 25 New HealthTech Ventures Across the Globe

SINGAPORE – 4th Feb 2021 – Galen Growth, the leading digital health analytics and data company, is excited to announce a new intake of 25 HealthTech ventures to its successful HealthTech Cohort programme.

With a 34% increase in digital health funding worldwide in 2020, HealthTech ventures and entrepreneurs continue to make impactful contributions to digital health innovation across the patient journey.

To support digital health ventures across the globe, Galen Growth’s HealthTech Cohort programme equips members with the support and exposure they need to be the next generation of healthcare innovators.

“Our unique DNA has always been to be a steward and support for aspiring ventures in our ecosystem,” says Founder and CEO of Galen Growth, Julien de Salaberry.

“We believe that by building a community of innovators and pairing them with our network and acceleration programmes, we can continue to redefine healthcare,” he said.

The HealthTech Cohort membership is offered on a no-fee and no-equity basis, welcoming innovators to a passionate community programme built on established and proven methodology in digital health innovation.

In addition to the support from Galen Growth, the 2021 intake will receive support from AWS, Baker McKenzie, Hubspot and Found8.

“Technology startups are high risk, high reward ventures. As CEOs, our job is to reduce the risk of failure. Galen Growth promotes mentoring, information sharing and ecosystem nurturing, which helps increase the odds of success. This is a chance that every entrepreneur welcomes,” said James Hare, the Co-Founder and CEO of, alumnus of the 2020 HealthTech Cohort.

The 2021 HealthTech Cohort will represent the growing diversity of the global digital health ecosystem, with ventures across APAC, United States, Europe and the Middle East. These ventures will be tackling various healthcare pain points, including mental health, disease management, clinical trials and access to healthcare in developing nations.

The 2021 HealthTech Cohort Members are:

  1. Aido Health from Indonesia
  2. Cyrcadia from Hong Kong
  3. Docosan from Vietnam
  4. DoryHealth from Switzerland
  5. HalioDx from France
  6. Hanai from United States
  7. HealthMetrics from Malaysia
  8. KimboCare from Switzerland
  9. Maria Health from Philippines
  10. Medi Whale from South Korea
  11. Medivizor from Israel
  12. Miup from Japan
  13. Oncoshot from Singapore
  14. ONWARD Health Research from Singapore
  15. Peak Medical from Australia
  16. Predictiv from United States
  17. Radiobotics from Denmark (HealthTech Alpha profile coming in Q2 2021)
  18. Runkicker from Singapore
  19. Saathealth from India
  20. Safe Space from Singapore
  21. The CareVoice from China
  22. Thoughtfull from Singapore
  23. Vault Dragon from Singapore
  24. XCLR8 Technologies from Singapore
  25. Yesmom from Thailand

About Galen Growth

Galen Growth is the global leader in digital health intelligence, analytics and matchmaking, empowering global Fortune 500 companies and institutional investors to fast track their growth strategies.

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