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CancerAid responds to cancer patients’ pandemic-related anxiety by adding a dedicated COVID-19 module to the CancerAid Coach program

CancerAid responds to cancer patients’ pandemic-related anxiety by adding a dedicated COVID-19 module to the CancerAid Coach program

CancerAid is responding to the current crisis by providing cancer patients with extended reliable information, practical tips and resources that are up-to-date.

Sydney, Australia 7 April 2020 – In these pandemic times, CancerAid has identified the need for additional remote support for cancer patients. Due to the novel coronavirus, CancerAid health coaches have been experiencing increased call volumes of 30% during which patients on their coach program are requiring additional empathetic dialogue and support.

Evidence has shown that COVID-19 has a disproportionately adverse impact on people with compromised immune systems or pre-existing medical conditions, especially cancer.

To address the health risks, in addition to the mental health impact caused by ‘pandemic-related’ anxiety, CancerAid have modified their existing CancerAid Coach Program to provide the following benefits:

  • In-app and email messaging with peer-reviewed and medically reliable information from peak body organisations regarding COVID-19. This information is helpful for patients that are both receiving or recovering from treatment and to assist patients to better manage their care and reduce the risk of infection.
  • A COVID-19 ‘module’ provided via telehealth call with a clinically-trained health coach. So far, in relation to the COVID-19 Module, patients have expressed their gratitude for the additional support and responded with positive feedback: ‘Watching the news about Coronavirus is spiking up my anxiety and depression and my GP has told me to stop watching the news. I really appreciate you sending me information that I can follow. This really helps me.’ – Patient participant April 2020

As a part of ensuring more patients have access to the support CancerAid provides via the CancerAid Coach program, the company has also launched a new website that gives the public an overview of the program (​​ and provides information for patients to find out if they are eligible for the coaching service.

CancerAid is currently working with partners to proactively notify eligible patients and allow them to gain access to a health coach sooner via a recently established self-enrolment portal.

To support CancerAid employees during these demanding times CancerAid has opened up communication channels dedicated to COVID-19 updates and fully implemented their existing working from home framework. This gives all team members the option to work from home whilst staying connected via secure online channels. As a digital company, communication, meetings and daily interactions and activities were already set up in such a way that they could easily transfer to a completely virtual setting thus avoiding service delivery interruptions.

If you are reading this and want to help cancer patients to access the CancerAid Coach program please get in touch with our co-founder Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh​ or via LinkedIn .​

Co-founder and CEO Raghav Murali-Ganesh says​ “As soon as the novel COVID-19 emerged we started looking at how we could widen our support with the help of our already established patient-facing channels. As always when challenging situations occur, our health coaches are taking a proactive approach to support patients referred to our program. When cancer patients are in a vulnerable position we simply must do more”

Clinical Product Lead Jocelyn Gulliver said:​ ”The biggest motivation for our team is getting the chance to empower more patients. The changes we have implemented are delivered in addition to the existing CancerAid Coach Program structure, which provides patients with support and education around symptom tracking, exercise, diet, mindfulness and sleep. We are incredibly lucky in that we can continue to serve our partners and patients during this health emergency and onwards.“

For further information on this release, please contact:

Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh

Co-Founder and President, CancerAid

Phone: 0429724428

About CancerAid:

CancerAid is a digital health company co-founded in 2015 by radiation oncologist Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh which seeks to empower patients and their caregivers to overcome the challenging experience of managing cancer.

In 2016, CancerAid launched a free smartphone app for patients affected by cancer to log their symptoms, giving clinicians more data points for assessing patient wellbeing. The app is currently the #1 cancer iOS app in Australia, the US and UK with over 20,000 end-users in 127 countries has also received industry awards for innovations, including the 2017 Best Global Start-up (awarded by Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak).

Based on insights observed in clinical practice, CancerAid has designed a technology platform and service model that empowers cancer patients to engage with their wellbeing and cancer treatment program. Utilising cancer patient-friendly technologies and evidence-based programs for behaviour change and accountability, the service has been shown to deliver improved health outcomes, industry-leading ROI and high client satisfaction.

CancerAid is part of the Galen Growth’s 2020 HealthTech Cohort.

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